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Tech Investor and Entrepreneur.

Metaverse/ blockchain / web3 strategist, researcher & evangelist, entrepreneur & investor with deep expertise working in NFTs, DAOs, and VR/AR metaverse-related fields as a founder and advisor of companies like TravelX, VRTIFY, RealityCode, PlayOnHolo, Small Ax Creative, SpaciaLabs, Fuller and BeatHey among others.

He was identified as “one of the 5 global minds that are revolutionizing the audio tech” (Mashable 2016) and one of the #100 US most innovative Startup CEOs in 2015 by Inc.

He is an Endeavor Entrepreneur and was distinguished by the BA City Legislature with an Honorific Diploma for his contribution to the development of Science and Technology in his native country, Argentina.

As a coach and consultant, Facundo has inspired and advised dozens of Fortune Global 500 Companies worldwide, helping them to expand their business by leveraging disruptive technologies.

He’s frequently featured in media like the New York Times, Billboard, Fortune, BBC and, CNN; and participated as a keynote speaker in many conferences and events like TED Talks, SXSW, Harvard Business School, World Economics Forums and, different expos and conventions around the world.

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